Mixed Art / Ramón Kailani


Warm sun shining on a fresh face
Long hair flowing in slow breeze
Yellow dress swirling gently
Young woman pondering while walking in a sunflower field
Some of the thoughts that float through her mind without end
When I die will my body become nothingness?
Will I dissolve into the cold soil?
Will a bird eat a piece of me and become a part of me?
Will I forever belong to the earth?
Or am I more like a cloud?
Does my body become water?
Does some of it evaporate?
Does some of it come down as rain to a river and flow to the sea?
Will I forever be one with the sea?
Will I always roam the earth as a cloud?
Is my purpose to give water to all living things?
Will they drink me and be one with me?
Is my purpose to cover the sky?
To give shade and comfort to all who need it?
Do the droplets that fall from me become a part of a larger purpose?
To cool and cleanse the green earth?
What I know is
I will always be a part of the earth
For it is made up of the material of stars that exploded a long time ago
I will always be a part of the sea
For it was made of the same material as me
I will always be a part of the universe
For there is no part of me that is not a part of it
Therefore there is no ‘me’, as I know it
So there is no me that needs to exist
Therefore I can be nothing
And I will be nothing
Like the nothingness that predates the birth of our universe

Painting & Poetry by Ramón Kailani

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The heart of the project is the poetic visual artwork by Ramón Kailani


Making the artwork more captivating with animation techniques


Music based on the artwork, composed and recorded by Ramón Kailani


A Poem represents the philosophy and emotion behind the artwork. Poetry by Ramón Kailani


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