Mixed Art / Ramón Kailani


The high mountain calls on the lower mountain:
“Relax, enjoy the flowers and life here,
While I worry about rain and snow.”

The lower mountain in turn answers:
“You have your challenges, and I have mine,
Neither of our challenges are easier than the others.”

The high mountain says to the lower mountain:
“Fighting against the winds and storm front is the limit of my challenges.”

The lower mountain replies to the high mountain:
“My challenges are landslides and earthquakes

Painting, Animation, Music & Poetry by Ramón Kailani

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The heart of the project is the poetic visual artwork by Ramón Kailani


Making the artwork more captivating with animation techniques


Music based on the artwork, composed and recorded by Ramón Kailani


A Poem represents the philosophy and emotion behind the artwork. Poetry by Ramón Kailani


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