Mixed Art / Ramón Kailani

A Building &The Sky

  A sky so captivating
  Yawning in its works of storm
  Frowns in that slowest afternoon
  About its glow a mocking pain
  Goes at the music of a brake
  Like the strong wind that round it sang
  The building below it becomes just as a statue
  Overshadowed by the animated presence of the whole
  In the turbulent landscape that breathes the air
  And gilds the upper part of the sky again and again
  Tossing in poetic air an courier's eye
  Where does the attention take you in a glance at that delight?
  To the captivating statue?
  Or the soft yet piercing beauty of our common skies?

    I am a building. The sky is not exactly a friend of mine, but I have long been in business with her. When it rains, she swallows me up and hides my roof from sight. On cool summer days she deepens the shadows on my walls and keeps me company when I'm alone. Sometimes she forgets about me and leaves me to shiver in the cold all year round.

But what do you expect? She's just a passing acquaintance who never takes time for anything meaningful or gets too close to anyone or anything--never stays around for very long at any rate. If we're lucky enough, she might show us some love once every few years and hold our clouds until they burst open into life-giving showers. But if we're not so lucky, she'll be too busy to notice our drought and skim over us with a sarcastic smile on her face.

Sometimes I wish I could get my hands on her for just one moment--just long enough to taste the rain, feel its caressing touch against all of my bricks. She's pretty... and yet she's so far away.

But again, she travels a lot--maybe to the same places you've already been to, maybe to someplace entirely new--somewhere I'll never get to go with my feet planted firmly in the mud of this city.

She tells me about the ocean, where salty waves gush and crash against her skin. I've never seen the ocean, but she talks about it as if it were a lover who left her long ago and whom she still desires with a much passion. She tells me about the ocean, how blue it is--even bluer than my own muted grey. I wonder if she'll ever let me have a taste of this world...

She doesn't really tell me much about herself, but then again we're not exactly best friends or anything. She talks more about the clouds that sometimes linger in her wake and trap themselves in the folds of my building as a result of her kiss. Sometimes they stay for days--staying longer than some tenants/visitors, who come and go like river currents. I envy these clouds at times... so free to travel wherever they choose and see uncharted skies and dazzling sunsets; even explore with dainty feet what lies beyond my own city walls. But I'm content with my own humble old self, the grey lady who hands out hugs to all of her friends in spite of her grayer days and decreasing utility value.

My friends--the residents of the building, the people I've come to know through their footsteps and smiles and frowns and tears--they are my real family. They have long since forgotten that they used to be distant acquaintances with me as a building in town they passed by on the way to somewhere else. Indeed, they were strangers just like any other stranger who saw another grey building without ever imagining an intimate moment under its roof like it might share with them.

However, if I didn't exist, maybe none of these strangers would have met each other or shared dreams together inside these walls... maybe some wouldn't have found love if there was no rain falling down upon them from mine eyes... Maybe this is why we call buildings "inanimate objects", as if we bear no guilt for this kind of neglect.

Maybe someday I'll get to see what the ocean looks like with my own grey eyes... maybe one day I'll take a journey outside of the city walls and displace myself from my home for just a little bit so that I can experience things that no other brick in this building has known before me. Maybe then, the sky will remember that she's not much different from us after all--and hold onto her end of our bargain more tightly than she ever had before. So if you do happen to be friends with her, tell her about me sometime...she'd probably appreciate it. Maybe then she'll come back to visit me again in my world of grey.

Otherwise...well, I'll just have to be happy with my grey life--for now, at least.

And besides...we've got a lot of clouds that will still keep us company...and if we're lucky enough, they might even stay for dinner.

Artist's Perspective

     With this work I wanted to capture the beauty of the sky and how it parallels the building. The attention is torn between the captivating sky and the captivating architecture. The building becomes an ongoing statue, as it is surrounded by the awe-inspiring sky.

The facade of the building becomes more of a focus with the help of the daylight - that is what emphasises it. The sky adds to the beauty as it gives an air to the picture, making it feel more comfortable as if you were sitting on the grass in front of this amazing structure.

While taking photos I was struck by how beautiful everything looked. It made me think about views when travelling between two cities - how nice that moment could be, or just being at home after a long day and enjoying a wonderful sunset. I decided to develop this thought into my work through juxtaposition of architecture and nature; building against sky. The final image is framed around these two elements and shows how they can contrast each other still complementing each other in the end.

The sky is capturing all of our attention, but as we look at it, we can also see the statue in the foreground. At the end however, the sky wins the attention competition, as it has movement and the power over us because it's captivating, natural and full of beauty (but of course I leave that conclusion entirely up to you).

In my own view, the power of nature takes over the monument, as it is engulfed by clouds. The sky acts like a judge, deciding what is beautiful and what to keep in existence. At that point even art can't resist its mightiness.

As said before, the sky and the architecture are fighting over our attention. The building is looming in the foreground, yet overshadowed and can not compare to the beauty of nature. This is a symbol of today's world where we often forget about the important things in life. We focus on materialistic stuff that can never get enough attention and when we allow it to gain control, there will be nothing left but what should always have been in the background: beauty.

As you can see, nature is everywhere. On the one hand it's something that we are used to and at the same time its power forces itself onto everything else.

White clouds, blue sky - these are expressions that we use every day but when I look up I still feel surprise because of how beautiful it looks.

Music, Poetry, Photography, Animation, Short story, Painting by Ramón Kailani

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